Doctor dies of corona in Ctg

An Associate Professor of Chittagong Marine City Medical and Medicine Specialist Dr. Ehsanul Karim has died of coronavirus (Covid-19). He died at Chittagong Medical College Hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

Swadhinata Chikitsak Parishad Central Committee Organizing Secretary Dr ANM Minhazur Rahman confirmed the death.

He said a doctor named Dr Ehsanul Karim died of coronavirus. He was admitted to Chittagong Medical College Hospital four days ago after being diagnosed with corona virus (Covid-19). Dr. Ehsanul was also suffering from blood cancer before he was diagnosed with corona virus (Covid-19).

He previously worked as an Associate Professor at USTC Medical College Hospital. He is a resident of Khutakhali area of Chakaria upazila of Cox's Bazar district. 

Noted that when chittagong doctors stopped the service in the hospital chamber in this corona situation; this humanitarian  came to serve the patients by keeping the chamber open. Dr. Ehsanul Karim was the first doctor in Chattogram to die of corona.