Distressed people in Aona get cash aid for Eid

Published : 24 Jul 2021 01:30 AM

Financial aid has been distributed among helpless people on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Azha at Sarishabari upazila in Jamalpur. Under the direction of local MP and State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murad Hasan MP, vice-president of Upazila Juba League and chairman candidate in Aona UP election Anwar Hossain Ranga provided the financial assistance. 

At that time, more than 500 helpless poor people were given 300 rupees each in cash.

In this regard, Anwar Hossain Ranga, the candidate for the post of Chairman in the Aona UP election, said that the government took many steps and initiatives to spread the joy of Eid among people of all walks of lives. 

Under the direction and advice of State Minister Murad Hasan, he personally tried to stand by their side by handing them a little financial aid.

Upon asking, Ranga said that the humanitarian work in the area will be continued.