Dilapidated iron bridge poses risks for Patuakhali people

Published : 31 Jan 2023 08:45 PM

An iron bridge in Mirzaganj Upazila of Patuakhali has turned into a dangerous death trap due to lack of renovation for over a century. The iron bridge of Kakrabunia union of the upazila is in bad condition. Any major accident can happen at any time. Locals complain that the concerned authorities are not paying attention to the matter despite repeated attention.

After investigation, it is known that this bridge is the only way to come and go for most of the people of that village. Every day, numerous pedestrians and students going to various schools and colleges risk crossing over this broken, rickety bridge. Many people have even been injured while crossing this bridge several times. Now the bridge has turned into a death trap. If the bridge is not repaired soon, a major accident could happen anytime. Therefore, the locals demanded to repair the bridge quickly.

It can be seen on the ground that the bridge is in a very shaky condition. Most of the sleepers are broken. The iron angles have rusted away. The bridge has become unfit for human traffic. Residents are moving over the bridge at risk. Especially old people and children have to suffer a lot while crossing this bridge. Auto rickshaws, motorcycles, rickshaw-vans and other vehicles have become completely unusable through this bridge.

Local residents Lijen Khan, Shahjahan Khan and Sabuj Howladar said that this bridge has been standing in a dangerous condition for more than a century. Pedestrians have to cross this bridge with caution. Major accidents can happen at any time. The farmers of the area have to face a lot of problems in transporting various agricultural products and other goods. Despite repeatedly bringing to the attention of the concerned authorities, no reforms have been made so far. Due to lack of renovation, the bridge has now turned into a death trap. They demanded that the bridge be repaired or rebuilt as soon as possible.

Chairman of that union Mahabub Alam Swapan said, repairing this bridge is a priority to me. People are having a lot of trouble crossing that bridge. Papers have been sent to the concerned ministry for the construction of a bridge there. Hopefully the bridge will be constructed soon.

Upazila Engineer Ashikur Rahman said, the bridge will be inspected on site and necessary measures will be taken for renovation.