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Digital Bangladesh a blessing in time of coronavirus crisis

Published : 07 May 2020 10:08 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 11:15 PM

Amid the global communication disruption due to coronavirus pandemic, virtual world become the most effective means to do almost everything with people in Bangladesh enjoying the benefit of digitalization.

This time, the vision of Digital Bangladesh under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been proved again as government and private service holders now carry out their duties while staying home since the Covid- 19 crisis hit the country.

Besides, civil societies, businesses, social entrepreneurs, different socio-politico-cultural bodies, educational institutions also share and exchange ideas and thoughts, and hold meeting and media briefing amid the crisis.

“Digital Bangladesh theory has undoubtedly become a blessing for us in this crisis, which PM Hasina initiated,” NM Zeaul Alam, Senior Secretary of Information and Communication Technology Division, told the Bangladesh Post.

“At present, we use online platforms to carry out our duties. We hardly attended one or two meeting in normal situations which now rose to four to five meetings a day. It certainly increases our working activities and regular office work now complete at a faster pace”, he added.

Almost every ministries meeting is held using online platforms like Zoom and important files are being processed through e-filing. 

“We now continue online hackathon, review our annual development program and others. A national platform has been introduced to provide update on the Covid-19 situations,” said Alam adding they have taken comprehensive plans to carry out their duty uninterruptedly.

However, he said they are working to find out more easy and transparent ways to make government work viable.  

Global leaders now sit on videoconferencing to take measures to fight against the lethal virus. Daily activities including telemedical services, bank fund transfers, purchases, and different programs are all now online. 

Meanwhile, several local hospitals introduced Telehealth services.

Sources at United Hospital, Square Hospital, Impulse Hospital in Dhaka said they continue to provide their service through videoconferencing their outdoor remain closed.

With the lockdown started from March 26, online shopping has gone up by seven-fold, according to e-CAB.