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Dhaka’s night owls!

Published : 03 Jun 2019 02:36 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 02:54 PM

Based on the very nature of our profession, I would like to divide the people of Dhaka city into two groups such as “night owl” and “morning lark”. I would like to consider those people as night owls who are being compelled to forego their sleep at night and burn the midnight oil because of an archetypal nature of their professions. Different kinds of night owls can be found on the streets of Dhaka at late night. Some owls sacrifice their sleep to protect us from snakes or from the evils of dark night. Some owls sacrifice their sleep to help us; some owls cannot sleep because their livelihoods and also some do not sleep because of the very nature of their profession. Here is the list of such people who belong to the so-called “night owl” profession. A night guard is a night owl. Night guards are those brave people who leave their own family unprotected at home alone to give us protection.

They safeguard the houses of strangers until the wee hours. The next is policemen who have to stay alert even in the darkest hour of the night to protect the sleeping city from evil owls such as criminals, thieves, smugglers and such. Doctors don’t discriminate between day and night to treat patients. They are also night owls. They get used to “the call of the night” as they are required to work night shifts.

What about journalists? They are night owls too. Journalists have to work on news content into late night to present it early next day.

During daytime, they cover different events, which are written at night. Another type of night owls are drivers. When the rest of the world rests in the lap of the goddess of sleep, howling jugger-nauts loaded with merchandise are brought to life by drivers.