Declining Mental health

Integrated services required

Of late, A government survey on mental health disorders in the country has come up with some shocking figures: 2.25 crore people suffer from some sort of mental disorder. What is more worryin g is that the survey has found 13.6 percent of c9O99hildren aged between 7 and 17 to be suffering from eight types of mental disorder. Indeed the situation is overwhelming as long as this data is juxtaposed with the information that there are only about 200 psychiatrists and psychologists to treat 2.25 crore people. Hence, increasing the number of qualified counselors has become more of a necessity at this stage. 

Mental illness is a major health challenge in global context, and in Bangladesh it is yet to receive the mass attention as a public health crisis. In Bangladesh a huge number of people particularly youths are suffering from mental illness. Drug addiction and depression are the two main reasons behind increasing mental illness amongst youths. Given the gravity of the fact, it is high time to focus on mental health challenges and work together to save our youths from mental illness caused by depression and drug addiction.

Over the last years living standard of people in Bangladesh has improved a lot. Life has become more technical and stress in life has increased much more than any time in the past. Consequently, mental health situation is worsening at an alarming rate. Drug addiction is playing a vital role in overwhelming our youths with mental stress. We believe, by reinforcing the drug law, we can help our youths overcome mental illness caused by drug addiction.

Indeed the situation is overwhelming as long as 

this data is juxtaposed with the

information that there are only about 200

 psychiatrists and psychologists

 to treat 2.25 crore people

The mental healthcare system in Bangladesh is facing multifarious problems including lack of public mental health facilities, scarcity of skilled workforce, inadequate financial resource allocation and social stigma. It is disheartening to note that in Bangladesh, some 0.5 per cent of the total health budget is allocated to mental health whereas the budgetary allocation for mental health sector in the developing countries should be at least 5 per cent. 

In order to raise raising awareness of the effects of mental illness on the younger generation, we must work together to break down the stigmas and evolve the support and care for those of all ages who experience problems with their mental health.  Another way to ensure we don’t carry our burdens of attitude into the future is to make mental health awareness an integral part of early education. The sooner we disinvest children of the obsolete values of shame and stigma associated with mental health issues, the earlier we will see the changes we desire in society.