Decision to increase cost of transportation

The hike might be permanent

The country is slowly returning to its previous mobility with the increase in transportation around the country. However, the government has issued a notice regarding the increment of public transport fares by 60 per cent amid the coronavirus epidemic. 

The notice issued on Sunday has received much criticism. Meanwhile, this is not the original plan, the proposed fare hike was 80 percent as per the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) but the ministry only passed 60 percent. 

This is a very crucial point in the rejuvenation of the country’s economy coming out from the general closure and lockdown with government and private offices opening. 

But, at a time when many people have been suffering from stagnation both physically and finally, such an increment in transportations fare could prove to be a critical blow to the livelihood of the citizens as most people use public transportation system to commute from point A to B. 

The increment of fare also means that a large 

portion of income of middle and lower middle 

class families will go into transportations 

fare, meaning the lowering of living standards

Some have argued that this was done to aid the transport vehicle owners as they would need to ply with fewer passengers in order to reduce the health risk posed by coronavirus. 

However, the increment of fare also means that a large portion of income of middle and lower middle class families will go into transportations fare, meaning the lowering of living standards. 

In this situation, even after the government withdraws the lockdown situation, the fear of public life continues. There is a need for more time to make up for the huge loss of livelihood of the middle class and lower class people of the cities due to lack of income in the long three months of lockdown.

Above all, the lives of the people should be considered. The unreasonable fare increment would entail to the headache and frustration of numerous people who are looking to pass their lives through honest earnings. 

Also, there may be the issue that once the fare has been increased it might never go back to its original position again. If that happens then it would be even worse.