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Dead trees on roads create fear of accidents in Tentulia

Published : 20 Apr 2022 09:53 PM

There is a risk of an accident as there are rows of dead trees along various roads in Tantulaiya sub-district. It is learned that innumerable dead mango, jackfruit, eucalyptus and namire trees are standing along the paved roads of the upazila including Tantuliya-Panchagarh highway. 

Accidents are feared due to the vulnerabilities of the trees.

Some students of Atasampati Kalandagich Government Primary School were killed in a big accident when a big stalk of dead eucalyptus tree fell.

There were numerous Bovini species on the side of the Kalandiya-Panchagarh Road in Kalanda-Panchagarh, Kalanda-Panchagarh Atonan Highway Road. In addition to the Bogby Camp in the border route numerous dead trees are standing along the river. Many think that at any time due to light storm rain, these dead trees can fall and the people walking on the road and school-going students may be in danger of a big accident.

Abdur Majdi, acting headmaster of Kalandagich Government Primary School, said, “Recently, the slope of a dead tree on the road adjacent to the school was broken.” 

He asked the administration to take immediate action to remove the dead trees. In this regard, Upazila Narbihi Officer Sohag Chandra Saha said- Mature plants and dead trees in different roads of the Upazila will be arranged for sale by urging the owners of those who are in their ownership.