Darshana Check Post on high alert over Omicron

Published : 19 Jan 2022 10:13 PM

The whole world has been plagued by epidemics for two years in a row. Omicron's onslaught began without disturbing the delta variant of the corona virus. The prevalence of Omicron has spread widely in West Bengal, India. The effect of which has started to be felt even at the Darshana check post. That is why the number of passport holders traveling between Bangladesh and India on this border has decreased.

Darshana check post was closed in March 2020 due to Covid-19 virus. On May 17 of 1021, the government gave the opportunity to Bangladeshis stranded in India to return home. At that time, 2,081 passengers stranded in India returned to Bangladesh through this check post. Due to the increasing prevalence of Omicron in West Bengal, India, strict precautions have been taken at the Darshana check post. Due to which the number of passengers traveling between Bangladesh and India has already decreased drastically.

According to the information received from Immigration, from September 19 last year to January 15 this year, 27, 586 passport holders went to India on this route. And 21 thousand 429 people came to Bangladesh from India. Of these, 1,280 went to India till September 30 and 730 came to Bangladesh at the same time. In October, 5,337 people went to India and 3,369 came to Bangladesh. In November, 7,958 people went to India and 5,609 people came to Bangladesh. In December, 8,308 people came to the country and 9,381 people went to India. As of January 15 this year, the number of passengers going to India was 3,630 and the number of passengers coming to Bangladesh was 3,413.

Abdul Alim, sub-inspector (SI) of police in charge of immigration at Darshana check post, said Omicron was widespread in West Bengal, India. Its effect is also felt at the philosophy check post. The number of passengers at the check post has already halved.