CuU students invent humanoid Robot

Afterinvesting relentless efforts for two months, four students of Cumilla University successfully invented a humanoid robot,raising the number of homemade robot to four. The robot has been named Sina keeping similarity to the last four letters of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s name. 

The cost ofthe robot has been estimated at Tk 38,000. The robot was made in collaboration with Cumilla University Science Club and Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD). The BARD financed in this project. The students who have made the robot are: Sanjit Mondal, third year student of Physics, Jewel Nath, first year student of ICT and Programming, Saidur Rahman and Niaz Al Masum, first year students of the university.

 Of them, Sanjit led the team. When contacted, they said that they spent about two months to make the robot. It can speak in English like human being. It can move its foot, neck and hand. Sina can groan, offers salutes and can go anywhere with its wheels. It also can reply to any question in English. Sina looks like a beautiful attractive young lady. The height of the robot is 5 feet 2 inches and the weight is 22 kg. The robot has all the software including controlling motion ofthe robot using a programming language of Arduino Mega. 

It can be controlled by mobile Apps. The robot is currently being displayed in the BARD's Library. Anyone can visit it from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm every day. Students and tourists from different educational institutes come to visit the robot. The students who visited the robot said, “We have never seen a robot like human being. Robot Sina talked to us, groaned and danced with song like as a pretty lady.”

 "Priorto admission to the university, I used to do programming. But I could not imagined that I would get such an opportunity after entering university.It was very difficult task for me as a first year student. But all we have achieved the success after a two months relentless effort", said Jewel Nath, the programmer of the robot. Another member of the team, Niaz Al Masum said, "Our budget was very poor and time was limited to complete the project.

 Therefore, we had to face many difficulties to finish the project." Sanjit Mondal, the leader of the team said, "From very childhood, I had an attraction towards robots. I had a dream to make robots from school life. But I could not afford. When I got the opportunity, I got involved myself with the project. I have set up a lab in my rental home in Cumilla city where we made Robot Sina. We could not use anything expensive for wants of money and time constraints.