Ctg puja mandap attack, 84 arrested

Published : 16 Oct 2021 10:12 PM | Updated : 17 Oct 2021 01:19 PM

Police have filed a case against at least 500 people in connection with the attack on the puja mandaps at JM Sen Hall in Chittagong.  So far, police have arrested 84 people.

  Kotwali Police Station SI Akash Mahmud Farid filed the case on Saturday morning.  In addition to the 84 named in the statement, another 500 unidentified people have been accused.  The accused have been charged with obstruction of official business, assault on police, vandalism and insulting religious sentiments.

  Kotwali Police Station OC Nezam Uddin said, "Police have filed a case against JM sen Hall attack.  In that case, 84 accused have been arrested after watching video footage.  The campaign continues.  Another 500 unidentified people have been charged.

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  He said, "Who is behind this attack will be found out in the interrogation of the accused."  Ten of us will be remanded to court.  This interrogating them more extensively, the direction and purpose of the incident will be known. '

  After the Friday prayers on Friday afternoon, some muslim worshipers came out of the Andarkilla Shahi Jame Mosque and tried to break through the gate of the puja mandap of the JM Sen Hall.  The puja committee also alleged that the banner was torn down and stones were thrown at the idol.  

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