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Ctg port launches ‘online delivery’ system

Published : 05 Apr 2022 12:38 AM | Updated : 05 Apr 2022 01:14 PM

Chattogram Port Authority has launched online delivery order system from April 1 to make import-export activities easier and faster.  Port officials claim that once the system is fully operational, the complexities related to shipping and C&F agents going to the office, catching lines and paperwork will be resolved.

 The port has already provided training to the concerned stakeholders including shipping agents and C&F agents to make the new online system fully operational.  On the other hand, port users are of the opinion that no server complexity has been observed since the system was launched.

According to Chattogram Port sources, the port started testing the online delivery system with six shipping agents on December 1 last year.  Chattogram Port Authority sat in a meeting with the concerned stakeholders including Shipping Agent, C&F Agent, Freight Forwarders Association on 23rd February.  The meeting decided to launch an online delivery order system from April 2.

Freight transport had introduced an online fee system to enter the port.  Following this, the authorities have introduced online delivery order system of import-export products.  Traditionally an importer or exporter had to go to the office of a shipping agent, C&F agent.  We had to stand in line and take the delivery order of the product by showing all the necessary proofs.  On top of that, the traders concerned had to struggle to take delivery orders on Friday-Saturday closing days.

Chattogram Port Authority Secretary Md. Umar Faruq said that the online delivery order system has been introduced under the online based terminal operating system introduced in the port.  We want there to be no more traditional methods in the port.  Therefore, continuous efforts are being made to bring all the activities of the port online.  We have trained all concerned including Shipping Agents, C&F Agents, Freight Forwarders Association to adapt to the newly launched system.  Hopefully the system will be fully operational.  The introduction of this system will reduce the hassle of importers or exporters to take delivery orders of goods.  The dynamism in import-export of goods will increase manifold.

Khairul Alam Sujan, Director of Shipping Agents Association, said, "We agreed to launch the online delivery order system at the port meeting."  The system has been launched since April 1 with everyone's opinion.  We have been trained to launch the online system in full swing.  We are also training everyone involved with us.  We have organized a training in this regard.  The system has been running for only two days.  So far we have not received any complaints regarding server complications