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Ctg Industrial police tighten security at oxygen plant

Published : 11 Aug 2021 09:49 PM

Oxygen has become very important in the treatment of the corona virus epidemic.  Liquid oxygen is saving the lives of many patients in dangerous situations.  

In this situation, the detectives had secret information about creating an unstable crisis situation in the oxygen plant. Therefore, security measures have been strengthened in 11 industrial establishments in Chattogram.

 A special team of industrial police visited GPH Steel's oxygen plant in Sitakunda upazila on recently.  They toured the various installations of the plant.

 Industrial Police SP Md Solaiman said, “I am always on alert for the safety of factories and workers.  I am keeping an eye on the movements of the workers every day.  There are special security forces in stock”.

 With a production capacity of 250 tons of oxygen, the plant produces 30 tons of liquid oxygen, which is provided for the treatment of corona patients.  The company refills 150 oxygen cylinders every day for free.

 The daily requirement of liquid oxygen for corona complex patients is 230 tons across the country.  Most of which are supplied by 11 industrial companies in Chittagong including GPH Steel.

This is important to prevent the impending Corona epidemic.  As a result, the industrial police is putting more emphasis on its security.