Crime control CCTV cameras are not working in Mirsarai

Published : 27 Nov 2021 09:35 PM | Updated : 28 Nov 2021 04:24 PM

Closed circuit cameras have been installed at various points in Mirsarai municipal area of Chattogram to increase surveillance for curbing crime. However, almost all of the cameras that are visible with the pillars in 30 spots are now left out of order.

The law enforcement agencies are not getting any benefit in the investigation of the crime as there is no CCTV footage available even though there are CCTV cameras there. 

It is learned that at the request of Mirsarai Police Station, 30 closed circuit cameras were installed in 2016 at important places including highway area, Bazar Road, entrance of Upazila Parishad with the funding of the municipality. 

The control room was set up at Mirsarai police station. At present all the closed circuit cameras are useless due to lack of maintenance. Officer-in-charge of Mirsarai Police Station Mujibur Rahman (PPM) wrote a letter to Mirsarai Municipal Mayor Gias Uddin on January 4 to repair the cameras.

In a written letter, the officer-in-charge of Mirsarai police station said, “Despite my repeated requests to the municipality to use the closed circuit cameras after I joined the police station, no initiative of yours has been observed till date.”

There have been several burglary cases in the municipal area recently. With that, the activities of the teenage gang are increasing. In these cases, it is not possible to identify the culprit immediately after the case is filed in the police station. 

It is too late to catch the culprit as there is no CCTV footage. The trial is being delayed for the purpose. Police have not found any CCTV footage in the area to identify those involved in multiple thefts this year.

Mezba-ul-Alam, vice-president of the market management committee, said it was important to keep the cameras in the market active. Criminals are afraid to commit crimes because of the camera. Despite being under the control of the police station, the cameras get damaged due to lack of proper monitoring.

Mirsarai Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Mujibur Rahman (PPM) said CCTV footage was crucial for the police in controlling crime and investigating cases. At present the CCTV cameras are damaged and he is not getting any benefit. 

The quality of the cameras is not good, the picture is blurred. Its control room, password is under the control of the municipality. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Mirsarai Municipality Mayor Gias Uddin said 30 close circuit cameras were installed at the municipality's own expense. The cameras are being serviced at the municipality's own expense for 4 years. 

Despite having all the controls of the camera in the control room police station, the police wrote a letter to the municipality to cover up their crime. The police do not take any responsibility for maintenance.

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