Country’s biggest Malta fruit garden in Panchagarh!

Published : 23 Oct 2021 09:46 PM | Updated : 24 Oct 2021 02:23 PM

People of Panchagarh recently observed the biggest Malta farm in the country. After achieving commercial success at high-quality tea production, Panchagarh is now prioritizing massive Malta Production. An entrepreneur name Syed Mahfuzur Rahman from Boda Upazila of Panchagarh has recently built this 60 Bigha Malta farm which has also created many new jobs for the jobless people in the region.  

Panchagarh Agricultural Department, praising the effort of Mahfuzur, said that authorities are helping farmers to increase high-quality Malta production and suggesting new scientific way to achieve that. 

People in Benghari Union of Boda upazila said that Mahfuzur Rahman leased 60 bigha of land in the area and built this Malta farm two years ago. He then invested 6 million tk in this firm which now has 7,400 Malta trees. He also planted two thousand papaya trees in the firm to give shade to the small Malta trees. As papaya fruit is a commercially desired food product, he is hoping to have double amount of profit when he sells both these fruits.  

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Mahfuzur mentioned that some of the Malta trees already produced Malta these year. He hopes that all Malta trees will be full of Malta fruits next year.  Already all the papaya trees are full of fruits. Each papaya is over 2 kilogram heavy already. If everything goes according to the plan, he will earn almost 10 million tk at next year, he hopes. 

People in the area said that many are already working in Mahfuzur’s farm to earn their livelihood. More than a hundred people work in this farm already. Their earning is helping them to lead a decent life, they added.

Benghari UP chairman Abul Hossain Abu said that he and people if this union are proud that the biggest Malta farm in this country was built in this area. As this is the biggest Malta farm in the country, Union Parishad Authorities will provide overall assistance to develop this farm further, he assured. 

Boda Upaila Agriculture Officer Al Mamun-ur-Rashid said that officially, this is the biggest Malta farm in the country which was built on 60 bigha land.

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