Corruption engulfs RAJUK

Identify the corrupt officials, take stern action against them

Published : 28 Dec 2021 09:59 PM

Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK), a government agency responsible for coordinating urban development in capital Dhaka, has not been able to become a public-friendly institution yet. Corruption and irregularities have engulfed the organisation while an organised gang of thugs in association with a section of officials and staffs are engaged in harassing and humiliating the service seekers in many ways ever day.

If any service seeker refuses to pay bribe for his or her file processing in RAJUK office, he or she is harassed, humiliated, misbehaved and even beaten up by the organised brokers, cheat and corrupt officials in and outside of its office. People are compelled to pay bribe to get service. If a service seeker pays a big amount of bribe, the work is done quickly and smoothly as well.

The government must gear 

up efforts to oust 

the corrupt officials

Instead of providing services to people, RAJUK has institutionalised irregularities and corruption. 

The organisation has become a breeding ground of corruption Huge amount of additional money is taken than the fixed rate for a service through a tripartite agreement between Rajuk officials, brokers and service-seekers. 

It is not possible for the Anti-Corruption Commission alone to curb corruption unless other stakeholders are awakened. However,  the government must gear up efforts to oust the corrupt officials and staffs to make RAJUK a corruption-free organisation. 

Corruption is an issue that has been prevalent in every society and no country in the world is completely free from its ill-effects. Corrupt people should be socially boycotted and sincere and devoted people need to be evaluated properly. 

The government must be strict in making RAJUK accountable and transparent. It is urgently needed to make  RAJUK corruption-free. If any official or employee is found involved with brokers, stern action must be taken instantly. RAJUK’s service-delivery activities must be transparent and all corrupt officials should be brought to justice.