Coronavirus forces children to leave schools, work for survival

Published : 07 Oct 2021 08:10 PM | Updated : 09 Oct 2021 07:25 PM

Tumpa Rani(9) is a third grade student in Andua Gov't Primary School. Her father Niranjan Gaine remained without any work for last one and a half years and it is extremely difficult for him to manage his six-member family. As a result, Tumpa works with her father to make boats at the outskirts of their house. Often her moother and younger brother also add hands with them.

Such a scene was visible at Kismot Rampur village under Madhabkhali union of the upazila.  

Niranjan Gaine informed he has no landed properties and he works as a labourer. Occasionally, he also works as a mason, a fisherman and even as an artisan of making boats with wood. There is a good demand of boat during the monsoon that is why he remains busy to make boats during this period. But, the Covid-19 pandemic dropped the demand of boat drastically to the local traders and fishermen. Specially, after the increase of Corona menace from March last year, he remained almost unemployed. Due to restriction in free movement, failed to manage any work outside the village and remains almost confiscated inside house with family members. Still, for their survival, they have no way but to make boat and to sell those even at a throwaway price. 

Usha Rani, mother of Tumpa, informed it requires a huge amount of money to maintain the family. The Corona forced her husband to remain indoor without any work. As a result, finding no way, they employed their minor daughter and son to work to make boat with their father. She also works with them whenever she gets time. 

Local UP Member Lion Shikder informed people of the village also became unemployed due to Covid-19 pandemic. He said some family members of Kismatpur village have been earning their livelihood by working as artisans of making boats for ages. They also employed people of the villagers as labourers for boat making. Now, the demand of boats have been decreased as no traders for purchasing those boats are arriving in the village. As a result, the artisans are employing their family members to work with them to make boats. The Covid-19 has forced the school going children to work with their parents. So, the children are failing to attend their schools. 

Chairman of Madhabkhlai Union Monirul Islam Talukder informed, today’s children are the future of the coming days. The talency in a child grows from the family. 

The children should not be employed in hard labour but due to financial crisis, most of the children of the village are being forced to work with their families. He sought cooperation from all well-off persons of the society to help reduce child labour.  

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