Corona cuts cost, not tuition fees

Special arrangements required to curb discrepancies

Schools, colleges or universities, every level of education institutions are teaching their students via online classes. Theoretically, this should lower the cost of operations for educational institutions by a great extent. However, the reality is far from theoretical ideas. 

A report published in this daily says that despite educational institutions being closed and classes being shifted online, the authorities of these educational institutes are still charging the students the same tuition fee as they did before the crisis. This is creating a lot of problems for the families of the students who are not that well off to begin with.

Also, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of people to lose their source of income. This is also pushing many parents or guardians to resort to options such as asking for special waivers in tuition fees or for worse making their children dropout entirely. 

Directives should have been given by the UGC or education 

ministry to provide special arrangements for the students 

and their families who have been hit hard by the pandemic

The coronavirus has posed a serious crisis is not only for the guardians and parents of school going children but also the authorities of educational institutions because they have to defray various costs. But in this case, directives should have been given by the UGC or education ministry to provide special arrangements for the students and their families who have been hit hard by the pandemic.

The report also gave opinions of different guardians about the unfair and illogical charges that have been demanded by the educational institutions despite none of the facilities being availed by the students. If such is the case then this should be rectified by the authorities concerned of the institutions who are still doing so. Proper intervention by the administration is needed here along with proper over-watch. 

In this regard, the authorities should meet up with the guardians of the students who are facing problems and talk out solutions which will be beneficial for both the sides.