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Complaints of money laundering does not suit BNP: Hasan

Published : 16 May 2022 09:16 PM | Updated : 17 May 2022 12:49 PM

Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud said, "The BNP acting chairman and his brother have been convicted in a money laundering case, while their chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia has laundered black money. It does not suit BNP when they talk of money laundering.

He made the comments while speaking as the chief guest at a discussion meeting titled 'Historic 17th May Return of Sheikh Hasina's Homeland: Restoration of Consciousness of Great Liberation War, Upliftment in Democracy and Prosperous Bangla­desh' organized by Awami League Forest and Environment Sub-Commi­ttee at Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Auditorium at National Museum Shahbagh on Monday.

Dr Hassan added, "We are uncovering those who smuggled this kind of money, bringing them under the law and that is why PK Haldar has been caught. Apart from the acting chairman of the BNP and his brother, we know who else has smuggled money, you will gradually find out. We are unveiling them. Leader of the people Sheikh Hasina is taking strict action against them and it will continue.”

Hasan Mahmud described giving the government the example of Sri Lanka as useless propaganda of BNP. He said, "Sri Lanka's example does not benefit Bangladesh. The country that builds the Padma Bridge with its own money, the country that lends 200 million to Sri Lanka and has not been able to repay it, we have extended the loan repayment period, and it is useless to give this example to that government”

The minister said, "Speaking of the movement, the BNP is fighting in the name of holding rallies all over the country. We are not on the field yet, if there is any attempt to create chaos, we will be on the field. We know very well thst those who speak loudly will hide in the hole if they are retaliated.”

Earlier in his speech, Dr Hasan Mahmud, joint general secretary of Awami League, said, “Through his return to her homeland as the President of the League, in fact, she returned to her homeland with a strong voice against the spirit of liberation war, the flames of democracy and injustice.”

Dr Hasan said, "Over the last 41 years, the people's leader Sheikh Hasina has stood by the people of Bangladesh, overcoming all obstacles. Under her leadership, democracy in Bangladesh has been freed from the shackles. Under her leadership the economic liberation of the people of Bangladesh has come, the consciousness of liberation war has been established. The dream that Bangabandhu could is being realised today by the hand of the people's leader Sheikh Hasina.”

Awami League's Forest and Environment Sub-Committee Chairman Prof Dr Khandaker Bazlul Haque chaired the meeting and Forest and Environment Affairs Secretary Delwar Hossain conducted the discussion on the occasion of Sheikh Hasina's 41st Homecoming Day. Mashiur Rahman, Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor. 

Abdus Samad, Professor of Social Sciences. Sadeka Halim, Director General of the Press Institute Zafar Wazed, eminent columnist Subhash Singh Roy were also present.

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