Community police reluctant to prevent crimes in N’ganj

It is alleged that instead of having a good number of panchayet and community police offices and committees in every rural and city area, the crimes like rape, murder, snatching including   juvenile offenses are rampant in Narayanganj district. 

According to the study of the current month at least thirteen rape incidents and six murders occurred in the district. Besides, the nuisance of juvenile gangsters, snatching, and drug peddling in all the localities of the district are everyday occurrences. 

A duty officer who served his duty from 8AM-8PM in the Fatulla model police station said that at that time 53 general diaries, 60 written complaints and 3 criminal cases were recorded on October 27.

‘Panchayat and community police committees were not formed based on locals’ opinion, so the committees did not ensure accountability to perform pro-people activities,’ a senior citizen claimed. 

It is clearly learned that no community police committee and Panchayat committee formed with local elites and innocent people rather than these were indulgent committees to the local wicked boys. 

Sometimes these committees become self declared leaders covering up some crimes specially women and child repression and child marriage in the society.

A sufferer boldly uttered that there was no need for such kind of committees in the locality which did not have any role against the vice or crime but were busy to get benefit in the name of police. If these committees were not existent or not approved by the legal authority, people could remain in peace and could easily go to the police or to the court to file the complaint without any intervention. 

‘Though there are law and order situation committees in the district and in every upazila, yet their performance is not complying with the genuine crime scenario,’ opined a member of district law and order situation committee.

A large number of helping hands to the police to prevent from deterioration of the situation of the society are not dutiful. 

The village police (chowkidar), Dafadar , Ansar and VDP (village defense party) members are getting salary without their assigned          duties. But they are responsible for taking preventive measures against crimes.