Commercial Fig farming cheers Bogura farmers

Published : 06 Mar 2022 08:14 PM

For the first time in Shajahanpur upazila of Bogura, young agri-entrepreneurs have succeeded in cultivating fig fruit commercially in the Middle East. The fruits of the entrepreneurs’ gardens have already begun to ripen and they are selling these commercially. 15 to 20 fruits weigh one kg. Seeing the success of fig fruit cultivation, many people are interested in cultivating this fruit. Shoaib Sadiq, the leading entrepreneur will soon start producing seedlings to spread the cultivation of this fruit at the level of young marginal farmers. Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture is working to expand the commercial cultivation of this fruit, including providing technical facilities to those interested in cultivating twin fruits.

It is learned that Shoaib Sadiq Nabin of Shajahanpur, Bogura became friends with a young man from Turkey after visiting Singapore. It was there that he got a taste of fig fruit and became aware of cultivation. Since Covid-19 situation was improving, he started gardening. Later, through a friend from Turkey, he planted 600 saplings of 6 months old brought from there on 2 bighas of land. On the 11th of September last year, the trees bear fruit within 3 months of planting. The green twigs at the base of each leaf, which started ripening in January, are now red, brown or maroon. With this, for the first time in Bogura, a young agri-entrepreneur returning to Singapore wants to spread the cultivation of this fruit at the marginal farmer level as it has been successful in commercial cultivation of tween fruit in the Middle East. Plants are growing by regular weeding and care by applying organic and vermi-compost fertilizer in sandy loam soils. This fruit described in the Holy Qur'an has medicinal properties and is sweet in taste. The locals have taken notice as the fig tree is beginning to bear fruit. The cultivation of the area for the first time has increased the interest of young entrepreneurs. The Department of Agriculture expects that commercial cultivation of this fruit will be expanded with the provision of technical facilities. It is known that this fruit described in the Holy Qur'an has medicinal properties and is sweet in taste. This fruit is very useful in preventing cancer. Besides, fig plays an important role in curing various diseases, especially in controlling hypertension. It enhances the eyesight. It also helps in curing constipation and asthma. Eliminates mental fatigue. It has a lot of medicinal properties including potassium and calcium. It is possible to earn a healthy amount of money from cultivating this. A one year old tree produces fig amount of 3 kg in the first year, 8 to 10 kg in the second year, up to 25 kg of fruit in the third year which can be obtained continuously for 30 to 40 years. In addition to the fruits, more than 20 seedlings will be produced by tissue culture method from each 6 month old tree. Fruits will be available throughout the year. The saplings will be sold for Tk 200 each. The agricultural entrepreneur of Arya Palpara in Shajahanpur has proved that it is suitable for cultivation in the climate and climate of the country. Many people are coming to see this garden as the new fruit is being cultivated, locals including young people are interested in cultivating this fruit. Sohaib Sadiq Naveen, a young agro-entrepreneur who owns Shajahanpur Naveen Agro Ltd said that young people should take initiative to become self-reliant without getting frustrated by looking for a job. You have to spend a lot of money and try to do something good in the country without going abroad. It is possible to become self-sufficient by cultivating various foreign fruits including tween fruits. It is possible to make a profit with a small investment, so that a certain amount of income can be earned in a month, it will eliminate unemployment, as well as employment for many. He hopes to spread the cultivation of fig fruit among marginal farmers through his orchards, saying that many people are trying to cultivate fig fruit by watching it on YouTube, so that they can benefit from it by cultivating the right method. Besides, this agri-entrepreneur will provide overall support to anyone who wants to make a garden.

Md Abdur Rahim, Deputy Director, Department of Agriculture Extension, Horticulture Center, Bogura, has also started commercial cultivation in Bogura. Tree growth is good, yield is also coming. Any fruit is rich in nutrients, there is no food shortage in the country but there is nutritional deficiency. More and more fruits need to be produced and eaten to eliminate malnutrition. We can expand the cultivation of foreign fruits as well as local fruits but the farmers will benefit financially including eliminating the nutritional deficiencies. The Department of Agricultural Extension has always been encouraging the Horticulture Center farmers and providing technical assistance so that the farmers are interested in cultivating fruits.