Cold wave makes lives miserable

Deploy medical teams in remote areas

Published : 21 Dec 2021 09:28 PM

People are feeling the biting cold temperatures as a mild cold wave is sweeping over many districts especially Panchagarh, Kurigram, Jashore and Chudanga in the country. People specially the low income group living in north, northeast, northwest and mid districts are bearing the brunt of the cold wave. Reportedly, cold wave accompanied by dense fog will aggravate the situation by the end of December.

There has been a sharp rise in the number of patients suffering from cold-related diseases across the country. Most of the government hospitals and health complexes are struggling to cope with the situation due to shortage of manpower and accommodation.

it is our moral responsibility to stay beside the 

distressed people in every disaster and crisis period

Cold-related diseases are spreading in different north, northeast, northwest and mid districts due to the ongoing gloomy and foggy weather. The falling temperature is forcing north people to stay indoors from afternoon while businesses are being hampered.

Physicians have already warned that the number of patients, especially children and the elderly suffering from cold-related ailments like, respiratory, pneumonia, and diarrhoea, thronging to hospitals might further increase in the coming days. Therefore, we should all be aware of the potential symptoms of and treatment for cold-related diseases alongside Covid-19.

With deteriorating chilling condition due to cold wave, the local administration will also have to start distributing warm clothes among the distressed people to mitigate their sufferings immediately. Blankets will have to be distributed to the cold hit distressed and poor people under the direct supervision of upazila administration and local government bodies including social organisations.

Apart from the government, the well-off sections of the society and different socio- economic organisations of the country will also have to stay beside the cold affected people. Indeed, it is our moral responsibility to stay beside the distressed people in every disaster and crisis period.