Cocktail exploded on Ashulia Press Club premises

Published : 28 Sep 2020 09:21 PM

The miscreants exploded two cocktails in a row at Ashulia Press Club premises in Savar. However, no casualties were reported.

The cocktail blast took place at Ashulia Press Club premises adjacent to Nabinagar-Chandra Highway on Sunday night.

Journalist Mahfuzur Rahman Nipu, a representative of Jamuna Television, who was present at the press club, said that at 8:10 pm, there was a sudden explosion in the premises of the press club. While standing in front of the press club, another cocktail exploded under the private car of TV journalist Mozaffar Hossain Joy. However, the journalists present were panicked but no casualties were reported. ATN News correspondent Zahid Hasan said, "We have survived for a short time today." Maybe we could have been hit by a splinter in a cocktail. Therefore, I am seeking strong intervention of the administration to ensure the safety of the lives of the journalists.

Ashulia Police Station Inspector (Investigation) Ziaur Rahman Zia said they had visited the scene of the blast at the Press Club premises. The cause of the incident will be known after investigation.

Earlier, a drug dealer named Monir came to the premises of Ashulia Press Club on the 23rd and threatened to kill Mozaffar Hossain Joy by shooting and bombing the Dhaka District Bureau representative of Somay TV. However, police have not yet arrested anyone in the incident.