CO2 level highest in history!

Change in policies a must

Greenhouse gases are a cause of great harm to the atmosphere and to the health of human beings, but most of all this causes enormous damage to the climate. Carbon dioxide emission is largely caused by people burning fossil fuels. This keeps heat trapped on earth which would normally be dispersed into the space. This has already led to a one degree Celsius rise in global temperature. This could lead to a rise in sea level, flooding, severe storms, droughts and forest fires, not to mention the fact that several regions around the world becoming uninhabitable for human beings. 

Reports say that the United Nations estimated that climate change and human actions may result in the disappearance of over a million plants and animal species. This is a matter of great shock and remorse at the same time. If this continues then the days aren’t very much far when the earth will become uninhabitable for all human beings. Moreover, it is startling that so much research work is being done on how to prevent such a catastrophic calamity from befalling humanity, and yet there is no practical materialization of any means of overcoming the problem and finding a probable solution.  

Recently there have been new reports which say that the level of carbon dioxide in the air has reached the level of 415.50 parts per million (ppm). According to specialists this number represents the 15ppm raise over the past three years which has never ever been so high in human history. Also, it is to be mentioned that scientists have never encountered any other planet with such a high level of carbon dioxide presence. If such an uptick continues in future then greenhouse effect will be substantially expedited.

The authorities concerned should look into this matter more seriously as the water level has reached around the throat any further and humanity would be at the point of no return. The 2015 Paris Agreement was supposed to formulate a threshold which would block the rise in Earth’s temperature. However, as there is no such scope of this taking place the governments should devise an acceptable plan which would make this number stabilize.