CMP to launch SMS based information service ‘Bondhon’

An SMS-based information service titled ‘Bondhon’ is being launched in 16 police stations under Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP), free of cost from January 1, 2021.

According to CMP sources, earlier the plaintiff had to come to the police station to know about it after filing a case or a GD.  We also had to wait to know the name and contact number of the investigating officer. 

However, from now on, SMS based information service has been introduced in the police station to alleviate these sufferings. So the plaintiff will not have to come to the police station for all this. The service seekers will be able to know all the information sitting at home.

CMP Commissioner Saleh Mohammad Tanvir gave these details at a press conference at Dampara police line in the city on Wednesday afternoon.

The service will start from January 1.  As a result, service seekers will not have to come to the police stations to file a case, GD or complaint. Automatic SMS will be sent to the service recipient's mobile through the software, he added.

He further said, this SMS will inform the plaintiff about the latest status of the case, investigation report, case clause, charge sheet, etc.  In addition, the mobile number of the concerned investigating officer will be given so that a plaintiff can contact the investigating officer round the clock.

Speaking on the need to build a bridge between the police and public, Commissioner Saleh Mohammad Tanvir said, "We always want to be a people-friendly police force. I have named this newly introduced SMS system 'Bondhon' to dispel the misconception among people about police.  The main purpose behind this is to build bonds between people. So that people contact the police and a relationship is established”.

“We want to bring transparency in these activities. Many times service recipients complain of harassment.  So the software is designed in such a way that as soon as the required data is entered, it will go to the plaintiff, the investigating officer, the monitoring server kept in the zonal AC office and the office of the superior officer. This will make it easier to receive services”, the Commissioner said.