CMP returns lost bag to passenger using digital app

Published : 16 May 2022 08:31 PM

Chattogram Kotwali police have recovered the bag of a passenger named Anup Sen (56) from a CNG-powered autorickshaw using the 'Amar Gari Nirapad' (My Vehicle is Safe) apps controlled by Chattogram Metropolitan Police (CMP).  The bag contained gold ornaments with ten thousand taka in cash.  Anup Sen filed a case in this regard.

  Kotwali police sub-inspector Sukanta Chowdhury arrested the CNG-powered autorickshaw along with its driver from Chattogram railway station on Monday morning.  The bag was later recovered in Bayezid on the information provided by him.

 Earlier on Sunday, May 15, on the day of the incident, the CNG driver got off the CNG and took his wife and child to the stairs of the house.

 The arrested driver's name is Matin Mia (25).  He is the son of Md. Mumtaz, a tenant of Sarwar Saheb Colony, Chandranagar Bazar (Textile) under Bayezid Police Station.

 Anup Sen is a resident of Depu Nijhumalaya Building opposite Satmar Babu Lane Sanmar Building under Kotwali Police Station.

 Kotwali police sub-inspector Sukant Chowdhury confirmed the matter.  According to the case statement, Anup Sen left Dhaka for Chattogram on the Turna Nishita train last Saturday.  Arrive in Chattogram Railway Station at 7 am the next day (Sunday).  Later, a CNG-powered autorickshaw from the station came on the road in front of his house Depu Nijhumalay building opposite Sanmar Building under Kotwali police station and all his family members got off CNG.  After getting down from the CNG, the wife took her child to the stairs of the house and saw him on the street.

 Kotwali police sub-inspector Sukant Chowdhury said that after reviewing the CCTV footage of the spot and surrounding area, he collected the number of the CNG-powered autorickshaw (Chattometro-Tha-13-3785).  Matin Mia, 25, a CNG driver, was arrested with the help of "Amar Gari Nirapad" app.  Later, when asked about the goods, he started talking one by one.  He tried to mislead the police by giving false information that he kept the bag at his sister's house in Dewanhat area, his friend's house in Akbarshah area and his relative's house in Bandar.

 Officer-in-charge of Kotwali Police Station Jahedul Kabir said the bag filled with clothes was recovered from the house of the CNG-powered autorickshaw driver in Chandranagar Sarwar Saheb Colony under Bayazid Police Station.  

However, Tk 10,000 in cash and 4 bhari gold ornaments were recovered from inside the abandoned bathroom in front of his house.

 He said the arrested CNG-powered autorickshaw driver has been sent to a wise court and the case is under investigation.