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Cigarette cos doing brisk business, bidi workers face trouble

Published : 08 Apr 2020 09:51 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:28 PM

When the entire human race is experiencing extreme disasters due to coronavirus, multinational companies British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco are continuing to do exclusive cigarette business. On the other hand, the local bidi industry has been closed due to the dependence of labor intensive workers. These unemployed people are living a miserable life. The information’s were sent by representatives from different parts of the country, a press release said.

It is reported that before the outbreak of coronavirus, they produced and stored large quantities of cigarettes and supplied a large amount of cigarettes to the shops before the lockdown. On the other hand, due to the dependence of domestic workers in bidi industry, production has stopped due to corona virus. But because cigarettes are manufactured in machines, companies are able to produce extra cigarettes. As a result, foreign cigarette companies are getting exclusive business opportunities due to the closure of domestic industries.

According to data, the pandemic coronavirus spread from China to the world at the end of last year. So far about half a million people have died. Many countries around the world, including Bangladesh, have been locked down due to the virus being exposed. Seeing the outbreak of the virus, foreign cigarette companies produced huge amounts of cigarettes. 

The leading company is British American Tobacco. They produced huge quantities of cigarettes and stored them. Cigarettes are made on a machine. That is why a lot of cigarettes can be prepared in a short time. Prepared cigarettes are available in the market at a fast time. Although production is currently stopped, they have been able to supply with cigarettes as they stored it previously. 

Meanwhile, the bidi factories are closed due to coronavirus because they are dependent on the workers for producing bidi. As a result, bidi production and supply have stopped. They have become unemployed because the bidi have to be made by workers.

On the one hand, these unemployed people are living a miserable life due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Besides, the bidi consumers are turning to cigarettes as the factories are closed. As a result, foreign cigarette companies are doing exclusive business. They are making thousands of crores of profit by virtue of a monopoly business. 

As a result, they are laundering huge amount of money from this country. Experts believe the country will suffer huge losses if the government does not pay attention to it.