Chuadanga Govt College needs more bldg, teachers, employees

Chuadanga Government College is the oldest college in the district. Now the college is running with honors and master degree courses. At the present, the college needs an academic building and auditorium. 

The college was established in 1962 in Chuadanga district town. After nationalisation, Bangla, Engilsh, Political Science, Economics, Philosophy, Islamic History, History, Accounting, Management, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany and Zoology were introduced as honors subjects in the college. Besides HSC course and Degree (pass) course are in the college. Subjects of Master course are English, Bangla, Economics, Political Science, History and Islamic History. 

A total of 12, 586 students are enrolled in the college. Of them, a total of 2, 091 students are in HSC course, while 1, 832 in Degree (pass) course, 6, 452 in honors and 2, 211 in Masters. Classes are given in Administration Building and Examination Building due to lack of building. For this reason, administration activities and conducting of examination are being hampered. One five-storied building with 30 rooms is necessary for taking classes.   

It may be mentioned that although it is honors and master degree level college but its classes are being conducted according to the sanction posts of HSC and Degree (pass) course level. At the present situation, 12 teachers, three demonstrators, 1 librarian and 1 physical teacher are lying vacant. Besides some 3rd class and 4th class employee posts are also remained vacant.  

Students of the college demanded to create post according to the level of honors and master degree courses. It needs to sanction 4 lecturer, 4 assistant professor, 3 associate professor, 1 professor for each discipline, and 25-MLSS, 4-skill bearer, 4-cleaner, 1-head assistant, 2-accounts assistant, 2-store keeper, 1-book shorter, 2-chase assistant, 1-chasier, 2-accountant, 4-night gourd, 2-day gourd, 4-gardener, 17-office assistant. 

The present government has constructed a ‘Mohila Hostel’ recently on the campus. A total of 110 female students are residential of the hostel. Another hostel is on the campus for male students staying for 110 students. 

A modern auditorium is needed for holding meeting with students, cultural function, meeting with parents of students at the college.  It is learnt after establishment of the college it ran from August 1, 1962 to May 6, 1979 as Non-government College. Rejaur Rahman, Imajuddin Ahamed, Md. Fule Hossain, Md. Abul Hashem and Ansar Ali worked as principals at the college during the period.        

On May 7 in 1979 the college was taken under nationalization. Md. Sirazul Islam was appointed as first principal of Chuadanga Government College. Prof Dr Md Qamruzzaman has been working as principal from June 20 in 2016 up to present.

Prof Qamruzzaman said all staffs of the college are trying to develop quality education through their attention.  He told this correspondent that an academic building and an auditorium are essential for the college for better education.