Chorki releases third episode of Nuhash Humayun’s ‘Pett Kata Shaw’

Published : 22 Apr 2022 11:02 PM | Updated : 23 Apr 2022 01:41 PM

‘Loke Boley’, the third episode of Chorki original anthology series 'Pett Kata Shaw' directed and produced by Nuhash Humayun was released for streaming on Thursday night April 21. The episode of the series was released at 10:59 pm.

One day while wandering around, a couple reached a village from where every Bengali superstition originated. The story behind each one is weirder, more bizarre than the other. What are the stories of that superstition? It will be known from the episode 'Loke Bale'.

The anthology series is made up of four different stories in the genre of psychological horror. It was made in the contemporary context but based on different Bengali superstitions and folklore.

This is the first web series created by director Nuhash Humayun. In addition, with this series OTT platform Chorki has released its first content in the horror genre.

Meanwhile, the two earlier released episodes of Shaw titled ‘Ei Building a Meye Nishedh’ and ‘Mishti Kichu’ already managed to create quite a stir among the audience.

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The new episode casts popular cartoonist Morshed Mishu, Syeda Taslima Hossain Nodi,Pranay Deb Ucchash, Towfiqul Emon, Gitashree Chakraborty, among others. Morshed Mishu, also playing a cartoonist’s character said,” I am feeling nervous as well as excited as this is my first time acting in front of a camera. It feels like the first time my cartoon was published in Unmad magazine.”

“Then I got dumbstruck seeing my name beside senior cartoonists and now I am dumbstruck seeing my name beside actors like Afzal Hossain, Chanchal Chowdhury, and Nowshaba Ahmed,” he added.

When asked why he named the series Pett kata Shaw, Nuhash said, "We all call Murdhanya Shaw as pett kata shaw since childhood. As soon as one learns Bengali language, he recognizes this letter as petkata shaw though no Bengali book mentions it in this name”.

 He said it’s a very ghostly strange name. “Somehow it has become very familiar from generation to generation through folklore just like these ghost stories. Those were also not written anywhere but word of mouth has spread them through generations. So finally, I wanted to call Petkata Shaw as Pett Kata Shaw and to bring ghost stories together in a modern way,” said Nuhash.

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