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Chittagong University day today

Published : 17 Nov 2021 09:37 PM | Updated : 20 Nov 2021 12:41 PM

Today (Thursday) is Chittagong University (CU) Day, one of the best and most renowned universities in Bangladesh. With an area of 2300 acre, the campus of Chittagong University is the largest in Bangladesh. Today, this university becomes 56 years old. 

With a long journey of success of 55 years, the institution continues to play an important role in the education system of the country by overcoming hundreds of obstacles and hindrances.

The natural beauty of Chittagong University fascinates many people. Accompanying recreation center for the entire campus curriculum, including the Botanical Garden, Hanging Bridge, Forestry, Chalanda Pass, Switch Gate and Fountain, this university campus has its own diverse environment.

Chittagong University has a uniqueness with the rest of the world. The distance from the city to the campus is about 22 kilometers. So, shuttle train was introduced in 1980 for the students. This is the uniqueness of Chittagong University from all the universities of the world. 

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The University of San Francisco in the United States had its own train for student transport. But now that it is closed, Chittagong University is the only university offering shuttle train service in the world.

This shuttle train runs from Battali to Campus Zero Point. Besides two shuttles, there is also a DEMU train. The shuttle and DEMU train are the means of transportation for the university of about ten to twelve thousand students every day.

‘Joybangla Sculpture’ has added a new dimension to the beauty and tradition of CU. The sculpture 'Joy Bangla' stands proudly, pointing to the memory of the country's freedom movement. Besides, an initiative has already been taken to build a high-tech park in the campus yard.

After the establishment on November 18, 1966, The Chittagong University was led by Vice-Chancellor Azizur Rahman Mallick. The current vice chancellor Professor Dr Shireen Akhter is the first woman vice chancellor of this university.

Congratulating everyone on the 56th founding anniversary of the University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Shireen Akhter said, “The University has passed 55 years keeping pace with the times. I will do my best to make Chittagong University world class. I want to walk the path with my skilled colleagues. I will fulfill the important responsibility of the university given to me by the President with honesty and sincerity. And I want to move forward like a family with teachers-students, officials-employees in this path.” 

According to the diary of the university published in 2021, at present 27 thousand 839 students are studying in this university. Starting with 4 departments, the current number of the departments stands at 48. The present institutional activities are going on in 9 faculties and 6 institutes. There are 5 research centers. Besides, there are 12 halls for student accommodation.