Chiranjeevi on clash with The Ghost: ‘No competition with Nagarjuna’

Published : 03 Oct 2022 07:28 PM

As Telugu films GodFather and The Ghost are set to clash in theatres on October 5, Chiranjeevi has said that there's no competition with Nagarjuna.

Actor Chiranjeevi’s GodFather, the Telugu remake of Malayalam film Lucifer, and Akkineni Nagarjuna’s The Ghost are set to release on October 5. Ahead of the box office clash of their respective films, Chiranjeevi has said that he doesn’t see Nagarjuna as competition and that each of their films are unique. 

Directed by Mohan Raja, GodFather is a political action-drama which also stars Salman Khan in an extended cameo. The film also stars Nayanthara, Satyadev and Murali Sharma among others.

Talking about the clash with Nagarjuna’s ultraviolent action-thriller The Ghost, Chiranjeevi told News18, “There is no competition with Nagarjuna. Both the films are unique and we are trying to showcase our talent in it and prove ourselves."

Last week, Nagarjuna wished Chiranjeevi good luck for the release of his film at the pre-release event of The Ghost. “My dear friend Chiranjeevi’s GodFather is also releasing on the October 5 along with The Ghost. I hope both the films become a big hit at the box office,” Nagarjuna said.

Chiranjeevi was last seen on screen in Telugu film Acharya, which bombed at the box-office. This was the first time Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan were seen sharing screen space together in full-length roles.

Speaking recently at an event, Chiranjeevi said small films shouldn’t fear about audiences not showing up in theatres. "After the pandemic, there’s this constant worry that people coming to theatres has come down. But this doesn’t mean they don’t want to come to theatres altogether. If the content is good, they will! Bimbisara, Sita Ramam and Kartikeya 2 are the best examples. If we don’t concentrate on the script and good content, the audience will reject the films. The philosophy of cinema has changed. The bad films get rejected on the second day of their release. I am one of the victims of this trend (referring to Acharya’s failure).

Acharya was about a middle-aged Naxalite-turned-social reformer who launches a fight against the Endowments Department over misappropriation and embezzlement of temple funds and donations.