Children, parents should cut screen time

DC on Children’s Day in Jamalpur

Published : 05 Oct 2022 08:42 PM

In the ongoing reality, children, teenagers and parents should focus on reading habits by reducing excessive Facebook, YouTube and internet addiction.  Apart from this, sports events, cultural practices and co-educational activities should also be focused.  

Jamalpur District Commissioner Shravasti Roy said these things while addressing the opening ceremony of World Children’s Day and Children’s Rights Week on Monday.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Md Rafiqul Islam, District Awami League Vice President Syed Atiqur Rahman Chana, District Women Affairs Deputy Director Kamrunnahar, District Child Affairs Officer Sultana Ahmed spoke among others.  

At the end of the discussion, prizes were distributed among the winners of the painting competition on the occasion of Children’s Day.  Mashreen Iqbal became the first in group A by drawing a beautiful picture on child rights in the painting competition.  

In view of the demands of the critics, the District Administrator Sravasti Roy assured all assistance to construct its own building by allocating space for the Shishu Academy.