Child Urmi still not found after a month

A child named Urmi Akhter Cynthia, 8, has gone missing from her home in Ratanpur village of Nabinagar in Brahmanbaria amidst coronavirus panic. A month after her disappearance, Urmi has not yet been found.

It was learned that the child got lost while playing in her backyard on April 6. A GD was lodged at Nabinagar police station on the same night. A month after the disappearance, police have yet to find the child. Meanwhile, Urmi's father has announced a reward of one lakh taka to whoever finds his daughter.

The child’s parents and family are mourning the missing girl. “It's been a month since my daughter went missing and the police have yet to find her,” said Azhar Ahmed, the child's father. “I don't know where my daughter is now or how she is. Now I feel like my daughter has been abducted.”

Ratanpur UP Chairman Ruhul Amin said, “We do not see any police activity in search of the girl. I demand to find the girl quickly.”

Golam Mostafa Farooq, general secretary of the union Awami League, said there was no conflict in the village with Azhar's family. “We don't understand who would do such a thing.”Nabinagar Police Station OC Ranojit Roy said, “We are carrying out our investigation using a special team to rescue the child.” 

Atiqur Rahman Raju, 25, of Ratanpur village and Monir Hossain, 42, a CNG driver from Khagatua village were arrested in the connection.