­Chattogram will have security zone during Durga Puja

Published : 01 Oct 2022 08:21 PM | Updated : 01 Oct 2022 08:21 PM

Law enforcement forces have taken adequate security measures in Chattogram city and district around the autumn Durga Puja, the main religious festival of Hindus.

Security will be provided from the place of making the idol to the Puja Mandap and finally to the dedication.  Police and Ansar members will be present in each pavilion.  RAB-Police members will be on patrol.  Intelligence surveillance is going on at the field level in white clothes.  Cyber patrol is also going on.

 Besides, CCTV cameras and own security system will be kept in the pavilions. Officials of Police-RAB say that there is no information about any specific threat or attack around Durga Puja festival yet.  Still there are preparations to provide full security to complete the puja peacefully.

Last year, a young man left the Holy Quran Sharif at the Dighirpar shrine in Cumilla's Nanua.  After that, vandalism was carried out in several other Mandaps of the city along with that Mandap.  Violence spread to different parts of the country.  Law enforcement forces are on alert to prevent such incidents.

Chattogram Metropolitan Police has given some advice to the organizers of Puja Mandap.  These are - Keeping separate entrances and exits for men and women in the Mandap.  Provision of masks and hand sanitizers at the entrance of the Mandap to combat corona infection.  Keeping open all around or upper part of Mandap.  Not more than 20 people should stay inside the Mandap.  Taking necessary measures to control the crowd at the entrance of the Mandap.  Installation of CCTV cameras in the surrounding area including the Mandap and storage of video footage.  Keeping phone and mobile numbers of emergency service providers and posting them in visible places in the Mandap.  Keeping a generator ready as an alternative power supply.  Quick repair of faulty electrical connections.  Employing an electrician full time.  

Installation of Hand Held Metal Detectors, Archway etc.  Keep stock of fire extinguisher, water, sand etc. for fire fighting.  Conducting programs or activities in temples or Puja Mandap with proper religious solemnity.  No unnecessary theme, cultural programs or DJ parties.  If there is any conflict, resolve it quickly by discussing with yourself or Mahanagar Puja Committee.  Warn incoming visitors of unconscious parties and malicious parties.  Keeping the sound system off during Namaz and Azaan.  Coordinating with the OC of the concerned police station if assistance is required in transporting idols.

Besides, taking necessary steps to ensure that women visitors are not subjected to eve-teasing or any kind of harassment in Puja Mandap.  Recruit required number of volunteers.  

Pooja Mandap Management Committee Deploying full-time female and male volunteers in the Mandaps.  To facilitate identification of volunteers, use of cap, armed band, list of names of volunteers should be sent to the OC of the concerned police station.  Any incident should be immediately reported to law enforcement.  Alcohol and other drugs should be avoided.  Fairs and gambling events cannot be held around the Puja Mandap.  Fireworks, crackers cannot be burst.  Any untoward incidents or rumours should be reported to the police.  Idol immersion should be completed by 6 pm on October 5.

  Lion Ashish Kumar Bhattacharya, President of Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad in City, said that the incidents that happened during Puja last year all over the country are to spoil the image of the government and administration.  Trying to destroy our harmony.  Those who do such work are few in number.  There will be no DJ event in any puja Mandap.  During this time, if the mobile internet is slow, the misinformation will be stopped by writing the reverse on Facebook.

  Hillol Sen Ujjal, General Secretary of Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad in City, said that the administration is sincere in ensuring flawless security.  282 Puja Mandaps in the city will have police personnel.  Each Mandap is providing its own security through volunteers.  It has been asked to install CCTV cameras subject to financial constraints and to avoid lighting outside by keeping adequate lighting in the temple in accordance with government guidelines.  If the DJ is playing in the puja Mandap, we will go and take measures to stop it.  

  Chattogram District Puja Udjapan Parishad President Shyamal Kumar Palit said that a total of 2 thousand 324 idols and Ghatpuja will be held in the city and district.

  According to CMP Commissioner Krishna Pada Roy said, Chattogram Metropolitan Police has completed all preparations to provide flawless security during Autumn Durga Puja.  There will be four-tier security along with plainclothes police for security.  Social media will be monitored.

Chattogram District Superintendent of Police SM Shafiullah said, Chattogram District Police has taken all security measures to celebrate Durga Puja peacefully.  According to the importance, the Puja Mandap will be divided into super important, important and general category and the police will be deployed accordingly.  Besides, traffic police will be deployed to decongest the roads and highways and important points during the Puja celebrations.  Initiatives have been taken to install CCTV in important pavilions.