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Chattogram ministers, MPs request construction of hospital outside CRB

Published : 16 Aug 2022 08:57 PM

Ministers and MPs of Chittagong have requested Railway Minister Md Nurul Islam Sujan to postpone the construction of United Hospital in Lung Cultural Heritage CRB of Chittagong, respecting the report of the Department of Environment and the opinions of people of all levels. The leaders also requested the railway minister to take the initiative to construct the hospital at another place of the railways. Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud confirmed the matter.

On Tuesday three former and current ministers of Chittagong met with the railway minister and gave a letter in this regard. Former Minister Engineer Mosharraf Hossain, Minister of Information and Broadcasting was present at this time. Hasan Mahmud, Deputy Minister of Education Barrister Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Naufel and others.

Besides, the letter was signed by Lands Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury, Whip Shamsul Haque Chowdhury MP, Moshalem Uddin Ahmed MP, Mostafizur Rahman MP, Mahfuzur Rahman Mita MP, Khadijatul Anwar Soni MP.

The letter congratulated the Minister of Railways and the members of the Standing Committee for taking the initiative to shift the hospital construction project under PPP in the historical CRB area of Chittagong to Kumira in Sitakunda by the Standing Committee of the Ministry of Railways.

It is said in the letter, you know that our Chittagong is known as the queen of the east, surrounded by sea, mountains and rivers, and is a place of immense natural beauty. Surrounded by aesthetic beauty, the beauty of this city has been further enriched by the Central Railway Building or CRB, known as the lungs of Chittagong. The CRB building, built during the British period, is not only in Chittagong, but a unique example of architecture in the entire country. There are numerous raintrees here. Some of which are more than a hundred years old. It is also known as the source of oxygen supply to the busiest city of Chittagong.

A recent study found about 225 rare plant species in CRB. Surrounded by centuries-old trees, hills, hills and valleys, CRB has a special place in the minds of the people of Chittagong as a place steeped in the history and tradition of Bangladesh. Bengali New Year, Spring Festival, Rabindra Nazrul Jayanti and other cultural programs of Bengali history and tradition are organized here under the cool shade of the trees, especially in the beautiful canopy.

Abdur Rauf, the elected general secretary of Chittagong University's student council, sacrificed his life as a martyr in the Great War of Liberation. There are graves of 11 people including him in this CRB. CRB is now extremely important among the common people of Chittagong as one of the safest places for morning and afternoon family walks and physical exercise in the beautiful Nisarg, martyrs' burial place, in a quiet environment in the open air. Due to the progress of civilization and human greed, nature has lost its form and heritage. It has been declared a cultural heritage in the Detailed Area Plan (DAP) prepared by the Chittagong Development Authority. 8 instructions are mentioned. It was published in Gazette form on 25 January 2009. Notable guidelines include that no part of the CRB can be used for commercial purposes and no high-rise buildings can be constructed here. Bird sanctuaries, museums, public gardens can be established just to attract tourists. All in all, CRB has now become a place of passion and love for all the people of Chittagong.

The initiative to construct the hospital here is in complete violation of the relevant gazette. People from all walks of life in Chittagong have suffered greatly in this matter. At present, Chittagong residents are hopeful and breathing a sigh of relief due to the initiative of shifting the hospital.

In the letter given to the Railway Minister, it is also said that Chittagong city once had many hills, lakes and ponds. There were roads covered with trees like sal, rain tree etc. There was Batali Hill, Kachari Hill. Batali Hill was destroyed during Pakistan period. Kachari hills were also attacked by the then government of Pakistan. The New Market, General Post Office and State Bank were built by cutting a large part of the Kachari hill. This is how the nature and beauty of Chittagong has been lost over time. Now only CRB is left. The Department of Environment has given its opinion on not building a hospital here and preserving the environment. Meanwhile, on August 26, 2021, they sent an application to the Hon'ble Prime Minister, along with holding various meetings and gatherings under the banner of Chittagong's civil society. On August 6, 2021, they have made an application to you. Several articles and opinions have already been published in national and local newspapers on the subject.

In the letter, on behalf of all the people of Chittagong, the minister MPs requested the railway minister to suspend the construction of the hospital at CRB and take the initiative to build the hospital elsewhere on the railway.