Chattogram dwellers suffer due to severe water logging

Published : 03 Aug 2021 08:53 PM

Heavy rains have again caused severe water logging in Chattogram city, as ankle to Knee-deep water accumulated in different areas of the city on Tuesday morning. The city dwellers suffered terribly for the water logging. 

It started raining late on Monday night and it continued till 10:30 am on Tuesday. 

As a result, Water logging have been created in different areas of the city including Muradpur, Shulakbahar, Bahaddarhat, Chawk­bazar, DC Road, Chandgaon, Baklia on Tuesday. 

Sagor Sen, a resident of Muhammad Shah Ali Lane in the city's Chawk­bazar, said water had seeped into every room in the house. Cooking has been off since morning. There is no opportunity to go out for breakfast. Repea­tedly this suffering is being borne.

Faruque Rahman, a resident of DC Road area of the city, said to Bangladesh Post that knee-deep water had accumulated on the road in front of his house in the morning. 

`”I had to go to the office to trample this water. There is no relief from the misery of water logging”, he added. 

Different areas of Chattogram city have been submerged at least eight times in the last two months. Due to the temporary embankment in the canal, water accumulates in some areas for more than 24 hours.

Chittagong Development Authority, City Corporation and Water Develop­ment Board are implementing four projects to alleviate water congestion in Chattogram city. The cost is about 11 thousand core. The Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Local Government have held meetings to resolve the issue.