Chatmohar farmers expect bumper onion yield

Farmers growing onion seeds are hoping to produce 3 metric tons of onion seeds in Chatmohar sub-district of Pabna this season. In the next few days, the farmers will start collecting seeds from onion flowers.

According to Chatmohar Agriculture Office, onions have been planted in 1,160 hectares of land in Chatmohar this season. Farmers have already harvested eighty percent of the onions from the land. This year's climate is favorable for onion cultivation, yielding about 11 metric tons per hectare. Around 12,960 metric tons of onion is being grown in Chatmohar.

Haider Ali, a farmer from Katenga village in Pabna’s Chatmohar Upazila, has already succeeded in producing onion seeds. He began producing onion seeds in 3 bighas of land this season. The land has been irrigated in 5 phases at a cost of Tk 6,500. His total expenditure on onion production on 3 bighas of land is about 1.5 lakhs taka. At the beginning of the current season, the price of onion seeds was Tk 5,000 to Tk 6,000 per kg. He shared that Sohrab Hossain, Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer, visited the land and gave various suggestions.

Zaidul Islam Janan, a farmer growing onions in the same village, was growing on 8 kathas of land. He planted 60 kgs onion tuber in the land in Kartik, a month of the Beangali year. It had cost about 10 thousand taka till now. He hopes to get about 35 kgs of onion seed from this land.

Chatmohar Upazila Agriculture Officer A.A. Masum Billah said that during the current season, 800 farmers of Chatmohar have been given 250 grams of incentive onion seeds and 30 kgs of fertilizer each. The current season's climate is favourable for onion cultivation. So, the farmers are getting good results. Onion seeds have already been planted.