CCC to solve all problems of city dwellers

Chittagong City Corporation Administrator Mohammad Khorshed Alam Sujon said that he was regularly instructing the concerned department of the city corporation to provide necessary services to the city dwellers even in isolation after being infected with the corona virus.

In a statement sent to the media on Saturday, Sujan said, "I am always worried and anxious about the various problems of the city dwellers even though I am at home following the health rules."

If there is a problem somewhere, my life becomes desperate to solve it quickly. He said, "I have instructed the officials of the mechanical and cleaning department of CCC after learning about the filling up of various canals and drains in the city through the media."

I personally supervise all activities through video call to solve the problem.

The administrator said the Wire Cemetery on Badshah Mia Road is a historic and important installation.

The canal has been filled with garbage for a long time.  Cleaning activities are being carried out from Friday morning to Saturday afternoon with over a hundred manpower deployed by the mechanical and cleaning department of CCC to clear the water flow through this canal and remove the accumulated garbage.

He said that elite people live in the vicinity of Wire Cemetery.  Since they are conscious citizens they also have some social responsibility.  The canals and drains will not be filled in any way if the garbage is not dumped in the canals or drains.  The normal flow of water will continue.  City dwellers will be freed from waterlogging.

Sujan said the city corporation's cleaning and mechanical department has been working since Friday morning to remove garbage and soil from the canal adjacent to Chashma Hill at Gate No. 2, which has been littered with garbage for years.  The canal has already been cleared of water on Saturday afternoon by the coordination of both the departments and the removal of 500 tonnes of soil and garbage by more than a hundred servants of the cleaning department.