CCC mayoral aspirants give poll manifesto

Just before three days of the election, M Rezaul Karim Chowdhury of Awami League and Dr Shahadat Hossain of BNP have announced their respective mayoral election manifesto for Chattogram City Corporation (CCC) election on Saturday. 

The manifestoes of the two mayoral candidates have pledged to build a city free from water logging and traffic congestion and build it as a tourist city. 

The manifestoes of the two mayoral candidates highlighted on ensuring modern hospitals to deal with the Corona epidemic and medical facilities in each ward. Drinking water will be provided. They also promised special arrangements for the elderly, people with disabilities and women and children. 

However, the BNP candidate announced at the beginning of the announcement of the manifesto that he would be engaged in the struggle for democracy and the right to vote.

Awami League's mayoral candidate M Rezaul Karim Chowdhury announced the manifesto at the Bangabandhu Auditorium of Chattogram Press Club. The mayoral candidate of the ‘Boat’ symbol of ruling Awami League highlighted a total of 37 points and promised to work with them. 

“When the clouds gather in the sky or the tidal water rises a little, then we remember the horrors of water-logging, our throat becomes dry with fear”, he added.. 

Highlighting the remoteness of Bahaddar Hat, his home area in the city, he said, "If elected, my main task would be to make Chattogram a beautiful city by removing water-logging, traffic congestion and stopping of cutting down of hills.” 

Rezaul also announced what to do in the first 100 days after taking charge.

He continued “I have set my priorities to do the best for the city with the advice of experts, regardless of party affiliations. I will coordinates with the Army, the  implementing authorities of water-logging removal projects in the city,  the proper implementation of the master plan for eliminating water-logging  and delta plan to avoid any complications.”

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Chattogram has become a world-class international city in the last 12 years. At present, development work worth Tk 10,000 crore is underway in the city, he added. 

In the future, Chittagong will become a gateway to a part of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Kunming province of China, Rezaul said promising to prepare Chattogram for that purpose.

D. Anupom Sen, Adviser of Awami League,  Mahatab Uddin Chy, Acting President of Awami League, Ctg city unit  AJM Nasir Uddin Chattogram   Ex Mayor of CCC and General Secretary of Awami League Ctg City unit were  present at the manifesto declaration ceremony

BNP's mayoral candidate Dr Shahadat Hossain announced the manifesto at a restaurant on Jamal Khan Road in the city. 

He promised to work on a total of 78 issues, but focused on the development of the medical system in Chattogram.  

Dr. Shahdat also outlined his plans for medical services in the public and private sectors. He highlighted several plans including removal of water-logging in the city and increasing the navigability of the Kornaphuli river.

Improving the quality of life of the city dwellers is an ongoing process, which is not a matter of reaching a specific goal within a specific time frame, he said. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of life of the people, honesty, accurate planning, experience and logical aspirations to reach the goal are required.

 He said, the civil rights of city dwellers are enshrined in our constitution, but day by day these rights have been limited. City corporations can establish civil rights if no other institution interferes and if it has competent leadership.

Chattogram  needs more 2,000-bed hospital facilities, as well as specialized hospitals including children's hospitals and maternity homes, trauma hospitals, Shahadat said. If elected,   I will take initiatives to establish a coronavirus hospital and a cancer hospital with the collaboration of the government health ministry.

 He also said, Chattogram will be transformed into an attractive tourist city by keeping the mountains, rivers, seas and rare natural beauty intact in the formulation and implementation of plans to make the city one of the world's cities in the near future.

Amir Kasru Mahmud Chowdhury, member of BNP standing committee, Shaid Uddin Chowdhury Anny, Habibun Nabi Sohel, members of BNP national committee and local leaders were present at the program.