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CCC collects Tk 193cr tax in FY 2021-22

Published : 04 Jul 2022 09:48 PM

Chattogram City Corporation (CCC) has been able to collect half of the target in the fiscal year 2021-22.  In the city, against the total 2 lakh 4 thousand 140 holdings of public and private holdings, out of the claimed 383 crore 76 lakh 74 thousand 6 taka of housing tax, 193 crore 6 lakh 61 thousand 907 taka has been collected.  This information has been known from the sources of CCC revenue department.

Regarding the collection of half of the target, CCC Mayor M Rezaul Karim Chowdhury said that the rate of collection of house tax is 80-90 percent in other city corporations including Dhaka City Corporation.  The CCC collection there is only 50 percent.  Which is not satisfactory at all. He said other city corporations in the country generate revenue from 26 sectors.  There CCC earns from only a few sectors.  However, the collection of half of the target is being given importance.

Government Holdings: In the last financial year, the demand was 112 crore 8 lakh 45 thousand 18 taka as against 1516 government holdings under CCC.  Of which 69 crore 65 lakh 26 thousand 608 taka have been recovered.  The old arrears were 90 crore 11 lakh 53 thousand 700 taka.  Of which 24 crore 52 lakh 65 thousand 534 taka have been recovered.  The total collection of government holding has been 94 crore 17 lakh 91 thousand 142 taka.  Which is 47 percent of the total claim.

Private Holdings: Out of 2 lakh 2624 private holdings in the last financial year, the current claim was 92 crore 7 lakh 17 thousand 695 taka.  Of which 6 crore 48 lakh 40 thousand 919 taka has been recovered.  The old claim was 69 crore 49 lakh 57 thousand 593 taka.  Of which 33 crore 42 lakh 29 thousand 846 taka have been recovered.  The arrears and current claims combined have led to the collection of 54 percent of the target.

Other sectors: Land transfer tax 75 crore 94 lakh 72 thousand 700 taka, advertising tax 16 lakh 92 thousand 980 taka, shop sign fee 5 crore 16 lakh 27 thousand 889 taka, mechanical vehicle fee 10 lakh 97 thousand 800 taka, non-mechanical vehicle fee 1 lakh 790 taka, miscellaneous income 25 lakh 62 thousand 750 taka and estate branch 41 crore 40 lakh 63 thousand 835 taka.

Trade License: In the last financial year, 14,475 traders got new trade licenses from CCC.  Besides, 64 thousand 598 have been renewed.  In the last financial year, a total of 79,073 new and old trade licenses have been taken.  Which was 77,086 in its previous financial year. 

This time the number of trade licenses has increased to 1987.  CCC got 22 crore 65 lakh 46 thousand 698 taka revenue from this sector.