Capital cries for playgrounds, parks

Take proper steps to reclaim the existing ones from grabbers

Published : 24 Jul 2021 12:24 AM | Updated : 24 Jul 2021 11:12 AM

Inadequate playgrounds and parks in Dhaka city is a longstanding problem that we failed to address. One of the main reasons which make Dhaka one of the most unliveable cities is the absence of proper parks and playgrounds. The ones which are present are not properly maintained and because of improper environment inside those parks, playgrounds; children and senior citizens hesitate to use them.

It is time to create adequate parks, playgrounds with a good environment so that everyone can use them. Experts opine that the number of playgrounds and parks is extremely inadequate compared to the need. They blamed the rapid and unplanned urbanisation for the lack of open spaces.

Authorities concerned should take proper 

initiatives for preservation of playgrounds, 

parks, and open spaces in the city

According to a report published in this daily on Tuesday, there is no playground or park in 37 wards of Dhaka’s two city corporations out of 129 wards. Authorities concerned should take proper initiatives for preservation of playgrounds, parks, and open spaces in the city. Steps should be taken to provide the facilities of playgrounds and parks in the wards where there is no playground or park on a priority basis. Urban development must be planned according to the needs and requirements of low-income people.  

Currently, there are several unutilised piece of lands in the capital that can be transformed into playgrounds, parks, and other kinds of open spaces. If necessary, the government should also attain new land to develop playgrounds and parks. The abandoned, unused areas and illegally occupied spaces in Dhaka city should be identified and turned into socialisation sites with slight changes.