Call to ensure primary health care for all

Experts in a meeting called to consider universal health care as a strategic agenda. 

They also urged to convey universal health care’s benefits to the public by ensuring primary health care.

They came up with the call at a roundtable discussion titled ‘Universal Health Coverage for All: Keep the Promise’ organized by BRAC Center in Mohakhali on Tuesday. The BRAC's Health, Nutrition and Population Program organizes the Roundtable.

Deputy Director of the Department of Family Planning Nurun Nahar Begum urged the government as well as non-governmental organizations to come forward to ensure that everyone can get better healthcare by 2030 to achieve sustainable development goals. Community Health Clinic Support Trust's Managing Director Dr. Md. Yunus Ali Pramanik urged the government to be more proactive in coordinating national health issues at the national level.

KAM Morshed, director of BRAC's Advocacy for Social Change, Technology and Partnership Strengthening Department program said, it is time to focus on enhancing partnerships to make public-private initiatives more effective in the health sector. Assistant Director of BRAC's Health, Nutrition, and Population Program Morsheda Chowdhury urged all to work together to improve the situation while highlighting the challenges facing the health sector. A total of 28 representatives from the public health, non-profit, donors, research and educational institutions of the health sector participated in the program.