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Buyers less, kitchen markets hit

Published : 30 Jul 2021 09:11 PM | Updated : 31 Jul 2021 12:58 AM

Less buyers’ presence due to ongoing shutdown has adversely affected the capital's kitchen markets which reduced prices of a good number of commodities.

Prices of almost all vegetables, chickens, eggs, onions and green chillies have come down during the week. 

However, prices of other products remained unchanged.

Traders said as buyers are not coming to the markets without much need, so the prices of the products have come down.

However, at the same time they also said as all the traders started to open their shops, commodities including vegetables have flooded the markets. 

Carrot is being sold at Tk 80 to Tk 110 per kilogram (kg), ripe tomatoes are being sold for Tk 100 to Tk 120 per kg. Besides, sponge gourd is being sold at Tk 40 to Tk 50 per kg, bitter gourd at Tk 50 to Tk 60, snake gourd at Tk 30 to Tk 40, parwal at Tk 20 to Tk30, papaya at Tk 25 to Tk 30.

As before, potato is available at Tk 25 per kg, string bean is available at Tk 50 to Tk 60 per kg, green chillies are being sold for Tk 60 to Tk 80 per kg, okra is being sold at Tk 30 to Tk 40 per kg.

Such price related information was found while visiting the capital's different kitchen markets in Rampura, Khilgaon, Santinagar and Badda areas. 

Sonali chicken price is now Tk 220 to Tk 230 per kg, broiler chicken at Tk 135 to Tk 140 and layer chicken at Tk 240 to Tk 250 per kg. 

However, butcher shops are yet to open. 

Sahadat, a chicken trader at Rampura Bazar, told this correspondent that as the festive mood of Eid is not yet over, people still having the test of qurbani meat. From next week the situation will change. 

Price of different fishes remain the same as past week. 

In these markets, per kg chital fish was selling at Tk 450 to Tk 500 per kg, Awn fish at Tk 500, Rohi was at Tk 250 to Tk 350 per kg, Katla at Tk 280 to Tk 380, Tilapia was sold at Tk 150, Boal fish at Tk 400 to Tk 500, Pangas was sold at Tk 130 to Tk 170, Pabda sold at Tk 150 to Tk 250, and Shing was sold at Tk 300 to Tk 450 (based on  quality and size).  

    In these markets, price of rice remains the same as past week. Miniket is being sold at Tk 62 to Tk 64 per kg, which was Tk 60 to Tk 62 last week. Nazirshail is being sold at Tk 65 to Tk 68 per kg, BR-28 is Tk 52 to Tk 53 and paijam is Tk 50 per kg.  

Per kg onion is selling at Tk 45 to Tk 50. Garlic is selling at Tk 80 to Tk 130 per kg, ginger Tk 100 per kg. Turmeric is being sold at Tk 160 to Tk 220. 

The price of sugar has gone up to Tk 75 per kg. Besides, packets of sugar are being sold at Tk 78 to Tk 80 per kg.