Buriganga Bridge in sorry state since long

Take steps to repair it immediately

Published : 20 Jun 2022 07:37 PM

Bangladesh is set to witness inauguration of the Padma Multi Purpose Bridge, the biggest structure built so far with domestic financing, on June 25. It is a matter of only four days waiting period that will get over once and the dream of millions of people will become true if everything goes fine. Vehicles will start running on the bridge from 6 am on June 26, a day after its inauguration.

The Buriganga Bridge located on the highway heading towards the Padma Bridge from the capital Dhaka remains dilapidated and risky since June 29 in 2020 after being hit by a vessel that came to rescue a sunken launch at Sadarghat. 

The authorities had shut the bridge due to cracks it developed after being hit by a vessel that came to rescue a sunken launch at Sadarghat. A girder of the bridge was severely damaged in the accident. However, all the four lanes of the bridge were reopened on a limited scale after performing emergency repairs on the damaged girders. 

We hope the authorities concerned 

will repair the Buriganga Bridge ahead 

of the inauguration of Padma Bridge

But in a bid to stop vehicle’s plying the vulnerable portion, authorities concerned have put barricade on the damaged lane with bamboo and sheets of iron. Two years have already elapsed but authority has not repaired the damaged portion completely yet, local alleged.

It is very unfortunate to note that the Buriganga Bridge has been in a sorry state since long under the very nose of the authorities concerned. The bridge enables all sorts of passengers and goods-laden vehicles from the country’s south southwest, and mid districts enter and leave the capital Dhaka. 

This bridge has regular busy traffic as it connects Dhaka city to 21 districts of Barisal and Khulna Division. 

As soon as the Padma Bridge will open for traffic, pressure on this bridge will also increase. But is this bridge ready to handle or take the load of the huge rush of vehicles? 

Local people have expressed their worries that the situation will be dire in the days ahead if the damaged portion of the bridge is not repaired completely on emergency basis. 

High officials of traffic police repeatedly informed about the dilapidated and vulnerable condition of the bridge to the bridge authority, an autonomous government body responsible for the construction and maintenance of bridges. But authorities concerned overlooked the issue and ignored the traffic officials’ urgent call.

This vulnerable and risky bridge could lead to a deadly disaster anytime. Keeping in mind the overall ensuing situation, we hope the authorities will repair the bridge ahead of the inauguration of Padma Bridge.