Bubly, Shariful Raj starrer ‘Deyaler Desh’ first look revealed

Published : 03 Oct 2023 09:06 PM

In a grand event held at a restaurant in Hatirjheel, Dhaka, the fast look of the film 'DeyalerDesh' was revealed on Monday.

The glimpse features, a harrowing tableau, Bubly's lifeless body lay sprawled across the cold floor of the freezer. Shariful Raj sat nearby, his eyes wide with shock.

The occasion witnessed the presence of luminaries from the film industry, including directors, actors, and actresses, who came together to celebrate the unveiling of "DeyalerDesh."

The film, produced under a government grant, is directed by Mishuk Moni. Speaking about the project, Moni stated, "Government-funded films usually address social issues. However, 'DeyalerDesh' stands out. This film will break new ground."

Director Mishuk Moni further shared, "The idea for this film took root in my mind over five years ago. That's when I began writing it. In 2020, we submitted it for funding, and in 2021, the project received the necessary support. Finally, last year, we commenced shooting. I presented Raj and Bubly in a completely different light, something the audience has never seen before. Shariful Raj added, "In this film, the script plays the most significant role. While government-funded films are generally perceived a certain way, 'Deyaler Desh' is distinct."

Bubly, in her remarks, expressed, "Upon receiving the script, I was immediately drawn to the project. Reading the story left a profound impact on me. Until the audience sees 'DeyalerDesh', they won't truly grasp the depths we've delved into. Everything has come together to create an exceptional film."