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Bubly has no objection to work with Apu

Published : 29 Sep 2021 07:38 PM | Updated : 30 Sep 2021 09:08 AM

Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan and actress Apu Biswas’s duo once was very popular in movies.  However, love, marriage and divorce have also affected their careers. For the last four years, they have not been seen in any new movies together.

Whenever we talk about Shakib's personal life along with Apu there is another name that comes in our mind, which is Bubly, and this is why many people think that there is a conflict between these two heroines.

Regarding this context, Bubly said that there is no dispute between them.  Rather, she has no objection to work with Apu. On Monday evening, in response to a question from reporters at the FDC, the actress said she had no objection to work with Apu.

Bubly said that if such an opportunity comes; only time will tell.  However, there is no objection regarding doing a film together with Apu Biswas.  When we artistes work together, all we look for a good story, we have no such things. People overthink a lot and that is nothing but a rumour.

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The actress further added, ‘I don't even meet Apu Biswas.  Then why should I have a beef with her!  Nevertheless, people think about many things on their own.  If I have a good film story, I want to work with everyone. From the beginning people thought I would not do any movie beside Shakib Khan, but now I am working with others as well because I am getting good movies.

Shobnom Bubly made her debut in silver screen with superstar Shakib Khan.  It started in 2016 with Shamim Ahmed Rony's 'Bossgiri'.  Shakib-Bubly then acted in 'Shooter', 'Rangbaaz', 'Ahongkaar', ‘Chittagainga Powa Noakhailla Maiya’, 'Captain Khan', 'Password' and 'Bir'.

Bubly’s  new movie along with Nirab Hossain titled ‘Chokh’ will release on October 1.

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