Bubbly to talk to press about Shakib

Published : 27 Nov 2022 08:02 PM

Shobnom Bubly confirmed that she would be holding a press conference regarding her issues with Shakib Khan.

The press conference will be announced soon, and it will be held at a shooting house in Uttara she added .

"Today, I am going to talk about Shakib Khan to the media. She said she do not understand why he has been so secretive of their relationship," she said. "When we got married, he kept secrets from her. She also said that He married me while he lied about his previous marriage. I really do not know why he is doing such things, or who he is trying to please by behaving in this way. So, I want to clarify my position on this matter to everyone," she said.

"Shakib Khan has been regularly saying things to damage my image. I should not take this anymore.That is why I want to reveal everything in detail to the public," added the actress.

On September 30 of this year, Shakib Khan and Shobnom Bubly revealed to the public they had gotten married and that they had a two-year-old son together. Bubly also revealed their wedding date on social media, stating she married Shakib on July 20, 2018, with their son, Shehzad Khan Bir, being born on March 21, 2020.