BTS unveils Take Two on 10th anniversary, pays tribute to fans for their support

Published : 09 Jun 2023 08:37 PM

On Friday, BTS members came together and presented their new digital single Take Two. The K-pop group is celebrating 10 years of their debut anniversary. The sweet and simple track captures the best of their melodious voice and is an emotional tribute to the fans. BTS unveils Take Two

In Take Two, BTS members talk about the contribution of fans in their lives for the last 10 years and extend their heartfelt gratitude. From keeping them happy and going to always being by their side, BTS members urge their fans aka BTS ARMY to keep supporting them as they move on to the second chapter, aka Take Two, of their lives.

“I'm so thankful and happy that we're together. Let's be happy in future too, please,” read an excerpt from the song, as per translation by Twitter user @@BTStranslation_. All seven members of BTS have participated in Take Two.

The song has left fans emotional and many have praised its lyrics. One of them wrote in the comment section of YouTube, “I'll never forget you. You guys are the beautiful chapter in my life no matter how much happiness I Experience, that will never amount to the comfort and peace I felt here. I will miss you and Happy 10 years BTS and ARMY. Let's stay Happy Together.”

“This song literally win my heart. This song is masterpiece. Each word is having different and pure feeling. Thank you BTS for this amazing, unique and fantastic song. love you all forever,” added another one. Someone else said, “Song is amazing!! I can't understand Korean but still vibes of this song are so good.”

10 years of BTS

BTS is celebrating 10 years of their debut this year with their annual BTS Festa. As per the event calendar, the celebrations kickstarted on May 31. Previously, Park Jimin had surprised BTS ARMY with the live clip of Dear ARMY.