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Brad Pitt says he isn’t a five-year plan guy!

Published : 04 Aug 2022 09:05 PM

Brad Pitt has clarified his comments on retirement after speaking about it more than a month ago. Pitt is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. He has starred in several movies and has received acclaim and fame through them. Just recently, the actor is appearing in the action-thriller ‘Bullet Train’.

He was all over the news, along with the rest of the cast, that includes Joey King, because of its premiere. Brad wowed us with his red-carpet fashion as he donned a skirt and said it was because of the breeze that he wore it. While talking about Pitt, the actor previously spoke about retiring from acting.

In June this year, Brad Pitt gave an interview on his work and personal life. The ‘Fight Club’ star said that he considers himself to be on the “last leg” of his work. This made fans believe that he will be retiring soon. However, now Brad has spoken about it again and clarified his words. During his Bullet Train promotions, the actor said to Deadline, “No, no. I know, I really have to work on my phrasing.”

Brad Pitt pulled back on past comments he’s made regarding his career. “No I would just say, you know, I’m past middle age, and I want to be specific how I spend those last days whenever they may be,” Pitt said. “I’ve never been a five-year plan kind of guy, it’s just like what feels right for the next. I still operate that way,” he added.

Though he has made no promises at least this is a reassurance to fans seeing more of him in the future. While talking about his work, early reviews of Bullet Train came in. It seems like the actor will be taking a punch in the gut as the reactions are mixed.