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BNP’s ‘petrol bomb terrorists’ will be resisted: Hasan

Published : 13 Aug 2022 08:35 PM

Information Minister and Joint General Secretary of Awami League Dr. Hasan Mahmud said that BNP's petrol bomb terrorists have entered the field again. They must be resisted and driven away.

He said, "We have never stopped BNP's rally, we will not let them, they fight by themselves." But if we see ‘petrol bomb terrorists’, then we will not sit back, we will resist.

He said these things in the contemporary context in the speech of the chief guest at the discussion and doa mahfil organized by Rangunia Upazila Awami League of Chittagong on Saturday afternoon.

"BNP is now jumping around a bit like a fish in the rainy season to raise the price of oil, which is unnecessary," said the Minister of Broadcasting, "after the start of the Ukraine war, the price of oil has doubled all over the world. $60 oil went to $170. Now it is $138-40. More than double. In our country, not double, we increased it by 38-40 percent in total and equaled West Bengal. If the price of oil in the world market decreases stably, the price will be adjusted again.

Dr. Hasan said, 'I saw in the paper that the BNP Secretary General said that the government or foreigners are not preventing any gathering under pressure. But our leader said a few days ago, we will not block any rally of BNP and we did not. But yesterday they fought and canceled their rally. There is no need to interrupt those who themselves throw chairs, fight and disrupt the assembly when the assembly is called. In the future you will see that whenever the BNP calls for a rally, they themselves will hold the rally.'

Looking at the past, Awami League's joint general secretary Hasan said, 'On August 17, 2005, bombs were exploded in 500 places across the country during BNP. On August 17, there will be a rally to protest against BNP's anarchy and anti-national conspiracy at the union level. The leaders and activists of Rangunia will also participate in it.

On the occasion of National Mourning Day, Minister Hasan paid deep respect to Bangabandhu and said, 'Ziaur Rahman and his family are the biggest beneficiaries of Bangabandhu's murder. In the protected proceedings of the Bangabandhu murder case, the defendants and the witnesses in their depositions have clearly stated when, where, how they met Ziaur Rahman, how he was associated with the conspiracy. After the assassination of Bangabandhu, Khondkar Mostak made Ziaur Rahman the army chief because he was one of his closest companions and one of the accomplices of Bangabandhu's assassination. That Zia seized power by raising the barrel of the gun, formed the party by distributing the rest of the power and that is the continuity that BNP is running.

Advocate Nuruchchafa Talukdar Municipal Auditorium in Rangunia under the chairmanship of Upazila Awami League Vice President Abdul Monaf Sikder and General Secretary Engr. Upazila Chairman Swajan Kumar Talukder, Emrul Karim Rashed, Sheikh Farid Uddin Chowdhury and others spoke in the discussion meeting moderated by Shamsul Alam Talukder and Joint Secretary Iqbal Hossain.